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5 Reasons Why Explainer Videos Work

Explainer Video
Written by Connor Douglas

Explainer creative and animated videos are the latest trends employed by businesses to promote their services and offerings to a wider customer market. With the mounting aggressive competition in the industry, companies seek a means of promoting their businesses in such a way that potential clients are attracted to the business, and select a particular company as their choice of service.

The task of attracting and engaging the attention of the potential customers in the market, is best accomplished by using animated explainer videos which draw customer traffic and ultimately result in generating sales for the business.

There are a number of different reasons because of which businesses are making use of this highly effective and efficient method to attract and retain customer attention.


1. Rising Conversion Rates

The explainer animated videos prompt a rise in the conversion rates and resultant purchase decisions of the potential clients for a business. According to research around 80% of probable customers convert in favor of a product after viewing an engaging and informative video, which depicts the various advantages offered by a company.

2. Improved Search Engine Rankings

A quick and highly effective way of improving the search engine rankings of a company website is to upload product and service promotion videos, which are highly attractive and engaging. Search engines provide higher rankings to websites which sport videos, and relatively lower rankings to those which only present content and images. A business website sporting explainer animated videos attracts increased customer traffic due to its presence in the first pages of the search engine results.

3. Customer Preference

Potential customers are more interested in viewing attractive animated videos which depict the working and services offered by a company, through an expertly designed precise video. Instead of having to read through extensive service related content, customers prefer the ease of gauging the main service provided by a company through a few minutes animated video. It is a great means of attracting the potential target market by providing them with what they want.

4. Increased Client Traffic And Improved Customer Retention

Videos tend to attract customers which results in an increase in traffic on the company website, calculated to generate sales as well. Also, individuals who view explainer animated videos and creative product animations, find it easy to retain the details of the company offerings, opposed to individuals who have to go through contents and images.

By ensuring the retention of product details in the minds of the potential customer, businesses can hope to convert them into real clients easily.

5. Potential To Attract A Large Market

By opting for explainer videos, companies can penetrate into new and more promising client markets, which can offer businesses a very promising increase in product sales. The use of animated videos to attract customers assists companies to ensure a strong online presence which facilitates in reaching out to the target market which is active on social media platforms through smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Explainer animated videos are the next thing in business marketing and promotion, which present highly encouraging prospects for companies operating in the industry.

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