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5 Simple Tips to Drive Traffic To Your WordPress Website

Get Noticed & Gain Traffic
Written by Connor Douglas

The more traffic a website gets, the more money you make, so if you’re like most people, you are constantly searching for ways to drive traffic to your WordPress website. The good news is, there are people out there who would benefit from your website and with a little determination and the following five simple tips, you can master the art of driving traffic to your WordPress site.

Keywords & Search Engine Optimization

One of the most important things you need to learn in order to have a successful WordPress website is SEO (search engine optimization). Enticing search engines to find your content, means the site as well as the content must be search engine friendly. In order to optimize your site, you will need to know the basics of SEO, which is using the right keywords. Just randomly entering keywords will not increase the chances of your site being picked up. The keywords that you use must relate to the content of your site, used in the correct location of the text and the number of times a keyword is used must coincide with the number of words in the article/blog (typically once per 100 words).

Write Relevant Content

One of the easiest ways to not only get traffic to your site, but to keep customers returning is with regular, relevant content. It is important to regularly post new content in order to keep those visiting your site from getting bored or from waiting on you to post new content. When you wait long periods of time between posts, your customers will get tired of visiting the site to only see the same content over and over, which will cause them to eventually stop coming altogether. The content that you do post should be well-written, free from spelling and grammar errors and other careless mistakes. It should also be content that is relevant to your site, interesting, informative and easy to read.

Domain Use

When you host a site at WordPress, you are given a domain through WordPress. Although this is a great way to get started running your own site, if you want to bring traffic to the site, it is best to use your own domain. Using an issued domain may restrict your ability to utilize successful SEO and may make it more difficult for your targeted traffic to find you. Using your own domain is much more effective for optimizing your site as well as enabling you to build a solid reputation and good web presence. However, one of the best reasons to use your own domain is that it will give you the credit for backlinks.

Use Social Media

Social media is free and the perfect way to brand your site. Share all of your posts and pages on as many social media sites as possible. The more people who read your posts on social media sites, the more opportunities you will have to encourage traffic to your site. It is important that you do not spam the heck out of readers, but when you do post correctly, it will make an impact. Keep in mind that when you post great content and posts that are share worthy, it will increase your chances of bringing targeted traffic.

Link on Other Blogs

Avoid being independent! The more you get your site out there, the more visitors you will get. This means visiting sites that are similar to yours, commenting ( nicely) on other blogs, websites and forums. Whether you comment or create a guest post, always backlink to your site or a relevant blog on your site. Linking to a local Sarasota Dentist keyword on a blog post and making sure that the anchor text has your keywords is a great way. Keep in mind the ratio of your anchor texts as well, you’ll want to ensure you have the url branded anchor text like or even the company name as it looks more natural. Linking on third party sites is the perfect way to create inbound and outbound links, which is ideal for SEO as well as generating traffic, but it is essential that you not spam other sites and that you only make comments that appropriate and encouraging.

Driving traffic to your WordPress site will mean absolutely nothing if you cannot keep the visitors you get. If your visitors have an unpleasant experience, they will not come back and in most situations, they also will encourage others to avoid your site. Make sure your site is attractive, has a strong speed and is easy to navigate.

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