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7 Ways to Grow your Email Marketing List

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Written by Connor Douglas

If you’re trying to get a business off the ground, or if you’re just trying to attract new customers to an established business, your e-mail list is one of the most valuable tools you have.  Nearly 95% of American consumers check their e-mail at least once a day, and costs to send e-mail are relatively low.  This makes e-mail one of the best ways to reach new and repeat customers.  If you’re looking for ways to improve and extend your e-mail list, try these suggestions.

1. Offer a free class.  E-mail courses are an easy way for consumers to absorb information.  They can study materials when they have the time, and your company has a captive audience that is interested in the information you want to share. While setting up an e-mail course that will be valuable to potential customers can be time-consuming, these classes offer some very high-yield leads to the companies that offer them.

2. Checklists.  Lists are an easy way to absorb a lot of information, and consumers like that they can get information in a short amount of time. These e-mails often tend to be saved by customers, offering your company repeat business.

3. Short e-Books.  Think of these as a condensed version of an online course.  They’re often easier to write than a class, but they can still interest your target groups.  Consumers like  having access to information, and you get a customer list that is interested in your product or service.

4. Exclusive content.  Offer your customers something that they just can’t get anywhere else.  Consider offering coupons, early access to sales, or access to additional content on your blog or website.  Some websites will choose to offer the first paragraph or teaser to a news article, then require readers to sign up in order to keep reading. Remember to make sign-up easy enough that customers won’t be turned off by the registration process.

5.  High value resources.  Everyone loves getting something free, and most people will be willing to hand over their e-mail address for something they want.  Consider offering a small gift card, e-book, or coupon to anyone who signs up for your e-mail list.  You may also want to consider targeting the giveaways so that you have a better idea of what your customers are interested in.  For example, offer e-books on several different topics in order to gauge which topics interest your readers the most.

6. Free toolkit.  Much like the resources, a toolkit gives consumers something that want in exchange for signing up for your e-mail list.  Consider creating resources such as worksheets, small software programs or apps, or collections of clip art and other resources.  By creating something useful, customers will be more apt to save and reuse the resources form your company.

7.  Case studies. If you run a service-based company, these can be a great way to connect with customers.  Put together a collection of testimonials into a narrative that describes customer problems and ways in which your company helped to solve them.  Case studies help to promote familiarity and a sense of trust with your company, making them particularly valuable for companies that are trying to establish themselves.

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