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How to Integrate Social Media With Your WordPress Website

Social Media Integration
Written by Connor Douglas

Need to Integrate Social Media With Your WordPress Website? Here are the best tips!

Social media is an essential part of any marketing strategy. There are more than two billion social media users globally, according to Statista.  In addition, search engines keep track of websites activity on social media. This means that integrating social media with your website is vital to help boost your traffic.

So, how can you integrate your website into social media? One thing is for sure: having a random set of social media plugins installed that all do the same thing is not effective.  There are much better ways for social media integration. Here are some tips to help you be more social.

Get the Right Social Media Buttons

Social media buttons are essential in order for your audience to share your content with their followers. Here are some of the best social share buttons:

  • Social media buttons are essential in order for your audience to share your content with their followers. Here are some of the best social share buttons:
  • GetSocial for WordPress-These have a welcome bar, floating and horizontal shear bars and intelligent popups.

Share Plugins

Sharing your posts on social media is very helpful in bringing in visitors from those sites. Give the visitor a button to click on that allows them to share the page on their social profiles. Once their followers see the link, they can click to visit the site.

Share Your New Posts on Social Media Automatically

Set up WordPress so that every post that you publish automatically gets shared on your social media profiles automatically without a plugin. Important social media sites to share include your posts, include Tumblr, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Track How Many Shares You Have

It is important to track exactly how any shares that you have. Otherwise, why even have advanced social media integration on your website? One of the most useful plugins to help you track is the Social Metrics Tracker. This plugin is kind of like Google Analytics. The only big difference is that it is for social media shares.  The Social Metrics Tracker will let you know which of your posts are the most popular and how many social media shares that they are getting. This is extremely useful in helping you decide what content needs to change on your site.

Use Profile Widgets

Profile widgets are helpful as they allow you to display your social profile. They are also helpful as they give your visitor a chance to “like” or follow your account right from your website. You simply drag the widget into your sidebar and then place icon links to your various social profiles.

Integrating social media with your WordPress website is vital for the success of your site. Following the tips outlined above will help you easily connect your WordPress website with all the major social networks.

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