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Must-Know SEO Tips to Increase your Visibility

SEO Must KNow
Written by Connor Douglas

It’s no secret that increasing traffic on a website will help to grow a business because this gives visitors a chance to see what the business offers; however, visitors cannot visit a website they don’t know exists. Most people click on one of the first few results that show up when entering a search query. There are several tips that people should keep in mind that will help their website appear higher on the results list of common search engine entries.

1. Website Headlines Matter

What many people don’t know is that there is a limited window for a website to makes its case for search results. In fact, only the first 65 characters show up underneath the URL on a results page. All further characters get truncated and can only be viewed by clicking on the result. When deciding what to put in those valuable characters, make sure to fill the space with valuable characters. The web page should give the viewers exactly what they expect when they click on it. Try to evoke the emotions of the visitors. This will increase conversion rates.

2. Pick a Clean Domain Name

Readers should know exactly what the website is about when they read the address. This isn’t a time to try to get cute or fancy. Make sure the domain name includes the topic the company’s keywords are targeting. If potential visitors are unsure whether or not the domain name meets their needs, they are less likely to visit the page.

3. The Meta Description is Important

The meta description is important for SEO ranking. When it comes to writing a description, make sure the description is filled with keywords that answer the questions that people have. Questions such as “Who?,” “How?,” and “Why?” are common entries in search engines. Try to allow the description to answer these questions. Furthermore, make sure the description is different from other pages. This will help to differentiate the page on search engine rankings. Remember that meta descriptions are truncated after 160 characters.

4. Make the Site Easy to Navigate

Improving conversion rates also involves keeping the webpage clear of clutter. When people visit the page, it should be easy for people to find what they are looking for. Make sure the sidebar menu is easy to read. Try to keep ads to a minimum because ads will drive visitors away. Remember that Google penalizes websites that place ads above the fold. Make sure a site isn’t penalized in search rankings by violating this rule. Ad space matters in SEO as well.

5. Social Media is Key

Social media visibility can improve SEO rankings. Ad links to the page to share on social media, link to profiles, and allow visitors to create Facebook stories, circles, and important tweets. This will help spread the word about the site as well.

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