SEO Helpful Tips and Trick to Help Improve Your Rank

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Written by Connor Douglas

In this day and age if a business wants to attract new readers, it is imperative that their website is coming up on the first few pages of the search results as many users never look past the third or fourth page. This makes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) an integral part of any website marketing plan, Below are some helpful tip and tricks to help you get started.

Write Title and a Description That Users Will Click On.

For the title, this means you should saturate the front part of your title with keywords. Make sure that the title is relevant to your blog, meaning users should be more than satisfied with the content of your page when they click on it. You descriptions should be clear and precise, you want the user to know exactly what your blog is about in 65 words or less. Finally try to make an emotional connection with the user, through your title and description, which will increase the likelihood of the user clicking on your site.

Create Content That People Cannot Help But Share

In order to do this you want to focus on topics, that are going to reach your core audience. Start with articles that many of your users will relate to and want to share with people with similar interests. Along with the theme of sharing, you want to integrate your blog with social media platforms as those are obviously places where many of your users will be sharing links. If you do not have time to cover all social media, focus on the most popular ones such as Facebook and Twitter. When writing content for Facebook make sure you have a catchy title and image  that will draw attention as it pops up into people’s news feeds. When thinking about Twitter, think short and sweet, while the words you are allowed have grown, the format of Twitter still means that you have to get the job done in around 140 characters.

Citations. Citations. Citations.

Citations are a key factor in improving your search rankings as they play a big role in the algorithm that sites like Google and Bing use to rank sites. Citations are when your business name, contact information and website show up in other sites. Citations help build your credibility and improve your search ranking. Work on you getting your site listed on local search engines such as Yelp or Yellow Pages.

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