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The Importance of Timing Blog Posts

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Written by Connor Douglas

Blogging builds relationships with you and your viewers.

Readers begin to rely on your regular posting because it relates to who they are.  Your blog offers advice, good times, bad times and of course funny times.  This is what ever blogger wants; an audience that is looking for them and eager to read what you have to say.  All this equals more traffic to your website and potential sales of products if you sell.  Blogging is a door opener for readers and search engines too.  Every time you post a blog you create another opportunity to show up in the search engines to draw more traffic to your website.

When you blog and generate a following you are bound to show up on social media.  This is great exposure for your business and an opportunity to draw more business.  Portions of your blog or sometimes the entire posting ends being shared on social media.  It is how readers pass on information they believe others should know about.  When this happens you build an online social media presence using the same content just posted on your blog.  Both online channels use the same blog post but attract different audiences.

Did you know there is a certain time of day when most of your viewers visit your site?

That is when blogging is at its best.  Your WordPress blog is the perfect place for scheduled blog post.  Many do not know but WordPress comes with a timing feature allowing you to schedule when you want your blog to post.  This timer sets at different times based on the time zone your audience is in.  This means you set multiple scheduled times to cover all time zones and capture your audience and drive more traffic to your site.  This handy feature works for other situations including when you are away on vacation or if you have a heavy work load you could write-up posts in advance and schedule them to release at different times.  This way your viewers never miss a fresh post.

It is extremely easy to schedule posts in WordPress.

First write your post, then before hitting the publish button, choose the option above the publish button that reads “publish immediately edit” a schedule will pop up for you to select date, time then select schedule button and you are all set.  Could not be easier.  WordPress makes it convenient to deliver your content to your readers anytime and anywhere.  This WordPress feature makes you a more organized blogger.  You can write-up your content and store it away for scheduled intervals so you never run short of fresh content.

Readers get into the habit of reading their favorite blog at the start of their day, over coffee or in the evening while relaxing.  It is a great tool for customer loyalty to your site.  As a professional or beginner blogger you know visits to your site is your main goal.  You want to deliver content at times you recognize readers visit your site.  There is a strategy used to develop your blog from the target audience to the length of articles of course timing is everything.   With WordPress scheduling feature you have control to make the most of delivering your content at its most effective time.

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Connor is a self proclaimed connoisseur of Wordpress. He has been designing and developing Wordpress websites since he was a little boy and now he's looking to share his experience with the world.