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The Power Of The Mommy Blog

Mommy Blog Advertising
Written by Connor Douglas

The Mother of All Blogs!

It’s not just a blog, it’s a mommy blog. Blogs run by mothers are getting popular by the day, so much so that 14% of all mothers in the US who have at least one child either write their own blog or turn to others for parenting tips. The general figure for the number of mommy bloggers is an impressive 3.9 million!

Let’s get a little more specific, shall we? These blogs are run and frequented by moms in their late 30’s with young kids who may still not have reached puberty. Moreover, these moms have their own opinions, and most of them are environmentally conscious. Many even have college degrees.

With these statistics in front of you, it is not easy to ignore the advertising potential that mommy blogs present. In the rest of the article, there is helpful advice for both advertisers planning to place ads on mommy blogs and the mothers for maximizing their earnings from online activity.

Tips for Advertisers

Without repeating the marketing opportunities presented by mommy blogs, here are some tips if you are an advertiser looking for ad space on these websites. To begin with, as with any website out there, you should see how much traffic the mom blog of your choice is attracting. Traffic is a major determining factor when you are looking for online ad space.

While there are countless blogs on parenting issues out there, only a few hundred attract a major chunk of readers. Also remember that while all blogs are casual, mommy blogs are overtly personal as they are writing on parenting issues. This creates a dedicated following for most of these blogs. You can easily find the most followed mommy blogs on the internet and purchase ad space on them.

The second thing you must keep in mind is the audience you are targeting. Mom bloggers and their readers are not interested in hardware, cars, or Zippo lighters. Sure, you can bring in advertisements on fashion and cosmetics, but the safest bet is to market baby products. To further boost your sales, you should try to promote eco-friendly products.

Finally, since these blogs revolve around information on parenting, an overt use of advertisements can actually ward off the readers. Work with the bloggers on how to make the ads a part of the website without appearing desperate for attention!

Tips for Mom Bloggers

If you are a mother who runs a blog, you can always use it to generate an income while working from home. However, to do so, you must first learn a little bit about online ads. See other mom blogs that run ads to learn the basics of this process.

More importantly, you can promote your clients’ products not only with the articles you post, but also by running contests on your blogs where your readers participate. Contests are a successful way of generating interest in a particular theme (the client’s product in this case), and mommy readers are always up for such offers.

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