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The Successful Online Ad Essentials

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Written by Connor Douglas

Placing banner ads on high-traffic websites is a great way to build and increase consumer interest in your business. Banner ads should therefore be an important component of your overall marketing strategy as they help boost your brand image as well. However, merely investing in banner ads is not enough, for you also have to create ads that actually convert. Otherwise, the best marketing strategy will fail.

How do you do this? Read further to learn all about it:

The Basics

Firstly, you have to learn about the different kinds of banner ads. Banner ads come in different sizes and styles, along with formatting tools and buttons. For instance, you can place vertical banners (known as “skyscrapers”) on your website that visitors will see as soon as they land on your webpage. Also remember that the type of banner you choose depends on what you are hoping to achieve with your marketing strategy, i.e. whether you want to boost your brand image, increase traffic back to your site, or simply experience good conversion rates.

Essential Features

All banners should have some common features. For instance, the name of your business as well as the product/service you are offering should be displayed clearly for all to read. Moreover, there should also be a slogan to capture the attention of the visitors. Make sure that the format as well as the content of your ads is interesting. If your ads lack such features, then you will not see any conversions.

The Position of the Ad

The locations of the ads on the page they are published on greatly influence their effectiveness. Video ads are an exception, as many ad campaigns have revealed. Ads placed in the middle of the text on a blog can have varying effects. It ensures that people actually view the ad while reading the articles. However, will they click? That is a crucial question, for placing an ad between the paragraphs can also seem obstructive to many readers, resulting in a negative reaction towards your business.

For the most part, the best method is to have more of content and less of banner ads. Too many advertisements annoy TV viewers and newspapers readers, but they don’t have an alternative. Internet users, on the other hand, can always switch to a website that provides useful content without flashing ads in front of their eyes.

What about Rich-Media Banners?

Finally, banner ads usually have a simple design and contain ad copy with an option to click. Rich-media banners on the other hand contain graphics with audio, video, and other features that make them highly engaging. Since they are rich in graphics, they tend to help in building a brand image.

However, there is a downside as well. Rich-media banners take a long time to load completely, which means some internet users who even visit the web page where they are published may end up missing them. Moreover, sometimes inserting too much of graphics in a little ad doesn’t seem nice, which means you should only use rich-media banner ads when the product you are selling requires graphical promotional.

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