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What is IGTV for Instagram & How To Use It

igtv for instagram
Written by Connor Douglas

What is IGTV?

IGTV stands for Instagram TV, and this is an application which has been developed by the makers of Instagram to share videos and was launched in June 2018. Just like Instagram which has gained tremendous popularity as a photo sharing platform, Instagram TV also aims to become a popular video sharing platform by allowing its users to post and share videos. IGTV is available as a standalone mobile application, but it can also be accessed using the official Instagram application as well.

What makes IGTV unique?

What makes IGTV unique is that this application allows its users to post and share long-form videos exclusively in the vertical or portrait orientation. Also, unlike the Instagram live feature which allows broadcasting of video in an unedited format, IGTV allows its users to create and edit their videos before being shared on the platform. Though Instagram comes with a stories feature which enables users to share edited videos, the duration of the videos comes in at only sixty seconds. IGTV solves this very issue, by allowing its users to upload videos that have a maximum duration of one hour. It further comes with the benefit of allowing the users to store the videos for as long as they want, unlike Instagram Live and Instagram Stories which stores videos only for twenty-four hours.

How to use IGTV?

For a person to use IGTV, the first requirement is to have an existing Instagram account, after which one can download the IGTV application from the Google Play Store or the App Store. The application then requires the users to log-in to their Instagram account. The next step involves clicking the gear logo located in the top right corner and then choosing, create channel. After your IGTV channel has been created, users can start uploading videos by clicking on the + button in the right corner, select the video to be uploaded and then clicking on Post.

How does one utilize IGTV to promote Instagram growth and engagement?

Instagram has become a multi-million dollar industry with lots of creators utilising this platform to make a living for themselves. As such, to further promote the growth of a one’s Instagram channel and to increase engagement rates, IGTV finds in itself as an excellent tool for this purpose. So what are some of the ways by which you can utilize IGTV to promote Instagram growth and engagement? Below are some of the ways through which one can utilize IGTV to accelerate the growth of an Instagram channel

  1. Use Specific Keywords to name your channel: The majority of people who use Instagram use specific words to find what they are looking for and they are known as keywords. However, IGTV does not have search functionality for users to search for keywords. The only way in which a user can find your IGTV channel is through your channel name. Hence, it is necessary to see to it that you add a specific keyword to your channel name to help interested people find your videos.
  2. Create Content which is exclusive to IGTV: Exclusivity is something which is loved by all, and many people are drawn towards exclusive content. Therefore while creating video content for an IGTV channel; the user must come with video content which is exclusive and interesting for the audience. This exclusivity and excitement will help the audience to follow and stick to their IGTV channel which will gradually help your channel to expand and gain popularity.
  3. Take advantage of the Instagram application: IGTV comes fully integrated with the Instagram app and as such this can be a great platform to draw a larger audience to your IGTV channel. This can be done by using the plethora of Instagram features which include Instagram Posts, Instagram stories and Instagram live to get Instagram followers as well as new audience members to your IGTV Channel.
  4. Share details about your IGTV Channel on other Social media platforms: There are multiple social media platforms which boast of a huge user base. Therefore, as a creator, one can use these platforms to share content related to one’s IGTV Channel. This can include uploading or sharing a teaser clip of your IGTV Channel on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat etc. By utilising multiple social media platforms, creators will be able to reach a vast audience.
  5. Create Promotions: One of the best ways to facilitate Instagram growth and engagement is through Promotions. Hence for an Instagram account to connect better with the audience and to pull more rates of engagement, there needs to be a sound promotional strategy. This can be done by linking an IGTV video to Instagram stories, promoting the IGTV video link on facebook, twitter and other social media channels. Promoting a content will pull in the maximum amount of attention to it, and this is what all content creators are after.
  6. Create Exciting and Unique Content: With competitions on the rise, getting the attention of prospective followers and new audience members is easier said than done. This means that creators have only a few seconds to catch the attention of viewers; therefore there is a need for creating content that is exciting and unique. This requires for a channel that comes with fresh and unique content, does not bore the audience members and delivers the whole experience. As such creators should put more focus on quality than the quantity.
  7. Stick to a Routine: One thing that keeps the audience engaged to any social media platform is its consistency in posting content, and this is addressed by all social media marketers as well. Therefore, it is highly important that a social media account comes up with a routine or schedule and stick to it daily. There are many seen and unseen benefits of sticking to a routine, some of which include allowing creators to keep track of their progress, collect insights regarding audience engagement, and learn the likes and dislikes of the audience members.

Video consumption using mobile devices is at an all-time high, and it is predicted to rise in the coming days as well. This makes IGTV the perfect platform for creators to take advantage of this emerging social media trend and effectively increase their Instagram growth and engagement. IGTV being a relatively new platform provides equal opportunity to all creators to learn, experiment and grow with it and it is something which will continue to grow in popularity with time.


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